I Help Business Owners Generate More Leads and Sales with Sales Funnel and Paid Advertising.

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Core Competencies


Over 100 Clients trust me! Professional yet affordable Website Design Services. Hire the best. You get 24/7 Customer Service + 3 months maintenance for Free. Instant Quote. Best Prices. Affordable Services. Free SEO. Free Consultation.

A powerful marketing funnel is key to generating leads and converting prospects. I will create a perfect sales funnel for your business.

Gideon MicDare, digital marketing consultant

My top priority is to create an outstanding Sales Funnel for your products / services and provide a Marketing Solutions for your businesses, help to position and boost your brands online, attract tailored and targeted customers and generally maximize your revenue.

Hey! I’m Gideon MicDare, a digital marketing consultant, sales funnel and paid advertising specialist, I’m the Founder of MicDare Hub, a digital marketing agency helping entrepreneurs and small businesses generate leads and sales using the power of sales funnel and paid advertising.

I have worked with many companies including Sahad Stores, FRSC, Airtel, Newzodiak Store and Digital ROI Solutions LLC. 

I have helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses successfully. Let me help you do the same. Click the link below to work with me.

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