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Gideon MicDare

Whether you’re new to search engine marketing or looking to optimize existing campaigns, we’ll align a custom strategy with your business goals. Let's chat to find out if our Google Ads (PPC) service is right for you.

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Gideon is EXTREMELY knowledgable on Google ad's and social media advertising. Great communicator - tells you what you need to know in order to advertise. I tried a few other people - they were either using old methods that no longer worked, or glossing over steps with "do what works for you". Gideon gives very up to date info (always a chalange with google and facebook) and excellent advice.


dominate your business Area

Most PPC advertisers just go broad, because it’s easy. We ALWAYS prefer going niche – less competition, more localized exposure.

Find Leads Anywhere In The World

We take a strategic approach to gaining international exposure. 

close your first & Scale Up fast

We build you a predictable pipeline so you can focusing on monetizing it. Gain the confidence and we’ll help you scale up.

Generate leads with google ads

Proven pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ad strategies that have already helped thousands of businesses realize the full potential of their lead generation. Gideon has developed specialized strategies to maximize your exposure, lower your ad spend & reach your ideal audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to optimize your omnipresence in the market and be seen first. 97% of home buyers and sellers start their search online, and 76% of potential clients work with the first agent they speak with. We put you at the top of a Google search result so that person is you.

When we advertise in the search market, we’re targeting prospects using something called Search Intent. This makes them much more likely to have intent to take action. Think about it – there’s a thought process that happens before someone Google’s “Fitness center near me“, or “Gym new me” that indicates they are already looking for your service, unlike what you find with social media.

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