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How Would You Like To Work With Me To Start Your New Online Business This Year?

Let me show you how to make your first 100,000 online today using your smart phone and the Internet, WITHOUT Being An Internet Expert.

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Hi, My Name Is Gideon MicDare

I’m a digital marketer and an affiliate marketer, I am the creator of “Gideon MicDare Mentoring.”

Gideon MicDare Mentoring” is my coaching program that helps beginners with zero experience start their online business from scratch using their Smartphone and the Internet.

Hi, My Name Is Gideon MicDare

I’m a digital marketer and an affiliate marketer, I am the creator of “Gideon MicDare Mentoring.”

Gideon MicDare Mentoring” is my coaching program that helps beginners with zero experience start their online business from scratch using their Smartphone and the Internet.

What is "GMM" & What Does it Include?

It is a Private Group Mentoring Program where I will give you:

1) A list of tasks to run for 3 months, which I guarantee will work.

2) A series of trainings that will show you how to execute those tasks in detail.

3) 24/7 support and access to the community in case you have questions or get stuck in any part of the process.

4) Help to develop the correct habits and discipline necessary  to have results.

My mission with “Gideon MicDare Mentoring” is to:

1) Give you the exact tasks to get results you’ve been looking for.

2) Give you the strategies that work without going bankrupt.

3) Help you develop the habits and discipline it takes to blast your business online.

4) I am going to help you build an online business that will be generate great income for you even when you’re sleeping.

The Training Includes:

1. How to start and grow a profitable Online Business. 

2. How to Pick a HOT Product to Sell Online.

3. Where to Promote Your Product – BEST Traffic Source to USE.

4. How to Research and Understand the Product.

5. How To Create a Hooks.

6. How to get YOUR first Domain Name (If you don’t have one)

7. Best Hosting Company to USE.

8. How to SET UP your Money Making Machine that generate passive income – making money even when you’re sleeping

9. How to SET UP your automated softwares that work for you 24/7. 

10. How to create and setup marketing messages for your potential customers.

11. How to run Facebook Ads.

12. How to run Google Ads.

13. How to make money with Facebook and Google (Helping business owners to get more leads and sales)

PLUS different ways to generate passive income online which YOU will receive inside the training.

List of Exact Tasks to Get Results

I’m going to give you the list of proven tasks that generate results. What results? Make MONEY daily, Generate buyer leads etc

gideon micdare daily task
gideon micdare support

24/7 Support And Access To The Coaching Community

As a member of the program you will have access to the private Telegram chat with Gideon and the other members of “Gideon MicDare Mentoring“. You are going to be part of the group of male and female warriors who are taking action to change their lives.

Step-By-Step Workouts

The “Gideon MicDare Mentoring” trainings go straight to the point. Short, practical and teach you what works. As simple as that. The most important thing is to work and see results.

gideon micdare teaching

Before continuing, See What People Are Saying About This Program🤯

"I am very grateful to Gideon. I have made over ₦200,000 with this program and I'm still learning everyday, I give number one credit to Gideon because he was the person who taught me everything I know today. He gives great value."
gideon micdare mentoring testimonial (1)
Timileyin Johnson
Lagos Nigeria
"Before I met Gideon I was very broke, my friend told me about his training (Gideon MicDare Mentoring Program) and within a month I made my first N150,000 online, I was able to travel to see my parents and also help them financially."
gideon micdare mentoring
Olatunde Adebayo
Lagos Nigeria
"I decided to have faith, have confidence and just do it and take the necessary action until it was possible. I quickly started having my first sales within 48 hours, and then over the month I managed to generate ₦95,000 after having generated absolutely nothing online before"
gideon micdare mentoring testimonial
Thompson Okechukwu
Abuja Nigeria

These are just some of the people who have followed my step-by-step strategies and who have implemented the correct tasks and habits in their daily lives.

This program is not just a “course” with videos. This is a lifestyle designed for you to generate the results that will change your life forever.

If you want a change once and for all, then I highly recommend starting “Gideon MicDare Mentoring” today before the price goes up. This is less than what you spend on Cold Stone Ice-Cream Weekly. This is a life changing program, you will not find anything like this on the market. You also EARN COMMISSION whenever you refer someone.


Let me show you how to build an income online.

Over $3000 Dollar in 7 Days

gideon micdare mentoring

Over €3000 Euro in 30 Days

gideon micdare mentoring

Simple WORKS

The internet can be a confusing place, with hundreds of people saying different things. But in the end the most important thing is to simplify the process and have a practical plan of attack that gives us the certainty that if it is implemented, it is a matter of time to have life-changing results.

Something simple like:

  • Do homework A
  • Do homework B
  • Do homework C

Following this plan of attack that I am going to give you inside “Gideon MicDare Mentoring” has allowed me to fulfill many of my goals including:

  • Travel anytime I want.
  • Helping my family financially.
  • Investing in property (apartments, house, land).
  • Buying stocks and crypto, and 
  • Helping thousands of people in the process.

Ready To Blow It Up And Get To The Next Level?

To have different results, you have to take different actions. It’s not about just buying a course and watching videos. It’s about EXECUTE . If you are ready to make drastic changes in your life for drastic results, then “Gideon MicDare Mentoring” is all you need. 

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