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How To Make Money on Independence Day Nigeria

Read this article to the end to learn how you can make money with affiliate marketing business on independence day Nigeria. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

As an affiliate marketer, you are like a salesperson who works on commission. You simply introduce a potential customer to a new product, then, you get paid when that customer purchases the product. 

Most major online companies use affiliates to promote their products or services. This helps them build a stream of traffic and it helps the affiliate make money.

Businesses that use affiliate marketers create coded links that help track where each customer learned about the products or businesses. 

When those links are followed by customers to the businesses’ website, the affiliate makes a commission on that sale. Everyday products from Jumia, Konga, Expertnaire are all sold through affiliate programs. 

Top affiliates, often called super-affiliates, may make six or even seven-figure incomes from their work. 

Most affiliates don’t earn anywhere near that much – but many people use affiliate marketing to add to their income each month.

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How To Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer on Independence Day Nigeria

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is simple – though succeeding at it usually takes some time. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, you don’t need to create any product, all you need to do is to promote other people’s products to your targeted audience or email list and get a commission doing it.

To get started as an affiliate marketer, you will need to sign up with an affiliate marketing platform, you can start with Warrior Plus, JVZoo or Expertnaire.

There are many options to choose from, some companies use their in-house affiliate programs. Others use intermediaries to manage the affiliate programs for them. 

Some big-name affiliate programs are ClickBank, Clickfunnels, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Commission Junction and Digistore24 etc.

You can locate potential programs by searching the name of a product or category you would like to promote and adding the word “affiliate.” So you could go to a search engine and type in something like “jumia+affiliate.”

Successful marketers use many methods to bring traffic to the offers they promote. 

You can get started with free methods like writing on, answering questions on Quora or pin photos on Pinterest

More experienced affiliates use their websites and mailing lists to attract an audience.

The real key to success in affiliate marketing is to promote products you believe in. Sincerity matters – and customers can smell phoney!


Affiliate marketing success is not an accident! You can make a living doing affiliate marketing business. If you are interested in affiliate marketing and want to start today, CLICK HERE to watch this free video and take action.

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